Do Facelifts leave Scars?

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Mon, 05/07/2012

One of the more frequent questions about facelifts is whether the procedure will leave a scar. A facelift procedure requires the creation of incisions to tighten sagging skin and muscles, and scars will be left by these incisions. To minimize the visibility of scars, the incisions are concealed in the hairline and in the natural creases surrounding your ear.

Your plastic surgeon can influence the visibility of your scars as well. Plastic surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto has extensive experience providing refreshing, restorative facelift results while minimizing the invasiveness of incisions. An experienced plastic surgeon takes care when creating incisions, so that scarring is reduced as much as possible.

To promote incision healing and prevent unsightly scars after a facelift:

  • Do not smoke or otherwise use tobacco products.
  • Do not tan or sunburn the incision during the first several months.
  • After your recovery is complete, wear sunscreen to avoid sun exposure on your scar.
  • Eat a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet and stay hydrated.

In the few weeks after your facelift, your scars are likely to appear pink and raised. As time passes, the scars will become lighter in color and flatten out. Although your scar will be permanent, it will be carefully concealed.

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