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Many factors can combine to make once perky breasts look saggy and unappealing. Age, genetics, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy and breastfeeding can all cause your breasts to lose their youthful appeal, limiting your clothing options, and taking a toll on your self-confidence. 

A breast lift performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto can reverse signs of aging and lift sag that has occurred due to weight loss or pregnancy. With this common breast surgery, Dr. Kleto can restore your breasts to a firmer, more youthful appearance and, in turn, help enhance your self-esteem and feelings of appeal.

Breast Lift Procedure

During your initial consultation, Tennessee breast surgeon, Dr. Kleto will carefully evaluate the appearance of your breasts. Based on the amount of sagging, your current nipple position, and your skin quality and elasticity, Dr. Kleto will customize a breast lift procedure suited to meet your unique needs.

One of four incision options will be recommended by Dr. Kleto depending on your individual needs. These options are:

  • The periareolar incision – Made around your entire areola
  • The vertical incision – This incision will go around your areola, and vertically down to your inframammary crease, the crease where your breast and chest meet. This is sometimes described as a “lollipop”
  • The “anchor” incision – This option is identical to the lollipop incision with an additional incision along the inframammary crease creating an “anchor”

With any incision option, Dr. Kleto will reduce excess skin and tighten the skin envelope to bring your breasts into a higher position. Removing excess skin, all breast lifts will also include the lifting of your nipples to bring them into perfect alignment with your newly firmed breasts.

Breast Lift with Breasts Augmentation

If you have lost volume as well as perkiness, Dr. Kleto may recommend combining your breast lift with a breast augmentation procedure. This is a common combination as it can give your breasts both the fullness and projection necessary to bring them in line with the rest of your frame.

Dr. Kleto will look at your body as a whole. Enhancing or altering one area will ultimately impact the appearance of all others. With this in mind, he will suggest the best procedure, or combination of procedures to provide you with the beautiful figure you were born to have.

Please see our questions about breast lifts page for answers to common breast lift questions.

If you live in or around Knoxville or Sevierville, Tennessee, or anywhere in Knox County and would like to learn more about what a breast lift can do for you, please contact Dr. Dean Kleto to schedule an initial consultation today.

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