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Knoxville, Tennessee Breast Surgery Feeling insecure about your breasts can keep you from living life to the fullest. Because many women feel their femininity and attractiveness are defined by the way their breasts look, breasts that are too small, too large, or uneven can seriously affect their self-image.

Experienced Knoxville, Tennessee breast surgeon, Dr. Dean Kleto understands these concerns. Dr. Kleto has over two decades of experience in breast surgery procedures, giving his patients aesthetically pleasing results they are very happy with. Dr. Kleto focuses on tailoring your breast surgery to meet your individual needs and desires.

Types of Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation – For women who want larger, firmer breasts, breast augmentation with breast implants is a good solution. This is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed. Dr. Kleto will help you choose which breast implant options will most benefit your profile in a gentle and caring manner.

Breast lift – If you have loose skin or sagging breasts due to childbirth or aging, a breast lift will help you regain the shape and firmness you once had. Sometimes a breast lift is incorporated with a breast augmentation to achieve the best possible breast enhancement possible.

Breast reduction and gynecomastia – Some women find that too large breasts make finding clothes that fit difficult, as well as feel pain in the back, neck and shoulders. If your breasts are too large and uncomfortable, breast reduction surgery can provide the relief you seek.

Men with excess breast tissue can benefit from male breast reduction, also known as gynecomastia. By removing excess breast tissue, the pectoral area becomes more defined and embarrassment and self-awareness fade away.

Whether you wish to correct a physical issue such as assymtrical breasts, or you simply want to refresh your physique, Knox County area plastic surgeon Dr. Kleto can help you achieve your goals. During your initial breast surgery consultation, Dr. Kleto will use the AxisThree 3-D Simulator so that you can see how you may look after your breast augmentation.

If you are interested in any type of breast surgery and are in Knoxville or Sevierville, Tennessee, or Knox County, please contact experienced and board-certified breast surgeon, Dr. Dean Kleto for an initial consultation today.

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