6 Reasons Winter is the Ideal Time for Plastic Surgery

Timing is important when considering plastic surgery. While you’ll want to make sure this is the right time in your life to undergo your desired procedure, you also want to pick the right time of year. For many men and women, winter provides the ideal time to make those desired improvements to your appearance.

There are many reasons why winter is a great time for plastic surgery. Regardless of your desired procedure, you’ll likely experience a variety of benefits by scheduling your procedure for the upcoming months.

You Will be Fully Recovered in Time for Summer

woman walking on the beach after undergoing plastic surgery A common goal for many individuals who undergo breast surgery or body contouring is an improved appearance in a swimsuit. If you want to look great on the beach or by the pool next summer, the time to undergo surgery is now.

In most instances, it may take between 3-6 months before you experience your final results. If you wait until April or May to get plastic surgery, you won’t leave yourself enough recovery time to show off your great new beach body by summertime. By scheduling your procedure for the winter, you will be looking your best once the warm weather arrives.

You have more Scheduling Options during the Winter

Winter may be the best time for plastic surgery, but it isn’t the busiest time. Most people don’t plan six months ahead. Instead, they wait until spring to schedule their procedure. Not only will this make it difficult to recover in time for summer, but it also means you are fighting for surgery appointments with the masses.

Planning your procedure for winter allows you greater scheduling flexibility. It will be much easier for Dr. Kleto to perform your procedure at the ideal time for you during the winter than during the spring rush. This is particularly important if you are undergoing extensive procedures such as a mommy makeover which take longer to complete and have longer recovery periods.

Fewer Special Events to Attend during Winter

Once the holiday season ends, you will most likely have a well-needed break from special events until the weather gets warmer. Peak wedding season coincides with the summer months, and there are more holiday weekends during the summer (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day) which feature pool parties and barbeques. If you want to look your best at these events, you’ll need to schedule your procedure for the winter months.

Most big events such as weddings are planned well ahead of time, so check your calendar to see when you’ll be attending these parties. Make sure you schedule your procedure at least four months in advance of your next big event to ensure you are looking great when the big day arrives.

Winter is the Ideal Time to Stay Inside and Recover

woman in bed recovering after plastic surgery Winter in Knoxville isn’t nearly as cold as in the Midwest or Northeast, but it’s still more chilly than summertime. You’ll be wearing more sweaters, pants and jackets during December, January and February. This attire will help conceal surgical bandages and compression garments so that others don’t know you are recovering from plastic surgery.

In addition, summer is typically a better time to be outside enjoying your favorite athletic activities. Depending on your procedure, you may need to avoid strenuous exercise and athletics for 4-8 weeks while you recover. You don’t want to be stuck at home resting during the peak season for your favorite activities. By getting plastic surgery in the winter, you will be ready to be fully active once the warm weather arrives.

Cloudy Days are Better for Your Skin

Summer months in Tennessee are typically associated with lots of sunshine, while winter days can be a little more overcast. These cloudy days are actually better for your skin. It’s important to keep your scars protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays during the first few months of your recovery, and this is easier during the winter.

Not only are there fewer sunny days, but wearing long sleeves will help conceal your scars from the sun. This will help reduce the appearance of your scar in the long run.

More Downtime during Winter

After the craziness of the holiday season, you just need a break. As a result, most people tend to experience a lull in life between the holidays and the warm weather of spring. This provides you with the perfect window for plastic surgery.

You’ll have fewer parties and events to attend, the weather won’t be as ideal for your favorite outdoor activities, and your children will be in school every day. Most importantly, it’s common to feel an increased desire to be lazy during the winter. This is perfect, since you’ll need plenty of lazy recovery days after plastic surgery.

You should expect to spend a lot of time at home during the first couple of weeks after surgery. While you should be back to work within 1-2 weeks, you’ll need to take it easy for 4-8 weeks to provide your body with ample time to heal. It’ll be easier to focus on rest and recovery during the time of year when you just want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.

Start Planning Your Plastic Surgery Procedure Today

If you want to undergo plastic surgery this winter, you need to act now. You will need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kleto to discuss your goals and learn about your options. Depending on your desired procedure, you may also need to visit our office for an additional follow-up planning appointment. If you put off scheduling your consultation until later in winter, you will end up undergoing your procedure during the spring rush. Start the planning phase now to take advantage of the optimal recovery conditions provided by the winter months.

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