Am I a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

Facelifts are one of the most regularly performed cosmetic surgeries because they can produce such stunning effects. You will hardly believe it is you that you are looking at when you glance in the mirror.

Before you begin planning how you will look with a facelift, you should determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Who Should Receive a Facelift?

You may be a good facelift candidate if you have sagging skin and wrinkles, but that is just the start. Your surgeon will prefer that you not smoke and that you don’t have any health conditions that can elevate your surgery risk.

You should be overall healthy, including at a good weight for your height and age.

The Benefits of Facelifts

If you are eligible for a facelift, you can begin reaping the benefits once your face recovers. They include:

  • Fewer wrinkles; while they will not disappear entirely, they will be far less noticeable than before your procedure.
  • Less sagging, loose skin, including jowls and droopy cheeks.
  • Barely noticeable scars, so you can feel confident about your procedure and the results.
  • No more double chin, as a facelift can remove fat around your neck and chin, making you look slimmer in the face.
  • Fewer deep creases in the face, so you’ll look younger and brighter.
  • Tighter facial muscles for a face that feels years younger.
  • Long-lasting results, as you can enjoy your younger appearance for at least ten years and possibly up to 15 years.

Ultimately, facelifts can help you reclaim your lost youth and increase your confidence. While your skin continues to age after your facelift, you’ll feel like you’re ahead of the game. You can always get more corrective work done if you feel like you need it.

Set Up Your Facelift Consultation with Dean Kleto, M.D.

If you are interested in seeing if a facelift is right for you, contact our office. Dean Kleto, M.D. is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in facelifts. Dr. Kleto proudly serves customers in Sevierville and Knoxville, Tennessee. Set up your facelift consultation today and discover your surgical eligibility by using the online contact form or by calling 865-524-2442.


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