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What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, commonly called eyelid surgery, is a procedure in which excess skin, fat, and muscle are removed from the area around your eyes. Blepharoplasty has several cosmetic benefits including a distinctive eyelid crease, and a brighter, more alert, youthful-looking appearance. In addition to helping enhance the appearance of your eyes, blepharoplasty can help with easier application of your cosmetic makeup.

Is blepharoplasty painful?

Knoxville, Tennessee area board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto performs all of his facial plastic surgery procedures under an appropriate amount of anesthesia. Blepharoplasty is typically performed under local anesthesia, and intravenous (IV) sedation. Some patients may benefit more from general anesthesia, a decision Dr. Kleto will make based on your overall physical health, known reactions to anesthesia, and level of comfort with your procedure.

Will there be bruising after blepharoplasty?

Bruising and swelling are common after blepharoplasty. In most instances, swelling subsides within one to two weeks. Swelling can be reduced with the use of ice compresses and elevation of your head during your recovery period. Bruising can be expected for up to two weeks. You will notice a more alert, attractive appearance as soon as swelling goes down.

How soon can I return to work after blepharoplasty?

Recovery time from your procedure will depend on your body’s natural ability to heal and on how carefully you follow Dr. Kleto’s postsurgical advice. Depending on the type of work you do and how much you care about coworkers knowing you’ve had a procedure, work may be able to be resumed within several days. If you work with a computer, or are sensitive about people knowing you’ve had blepharoplasty, you may need to wait ten to 14 days to return to work. Dr. Kleto will help you determine when it would be best to resume your normal activities.

What are the risks of blepharoplasty?

Like any surgical procedure, risks such as bleeding, infection, and reaction to anesthesia are possible. Risks specific to blepharoplasty include tearing, itchy eyes, blurry vision, or sensitivity to light. These are temporary and can be dealt with using lubricating eye drops.

Extremely rare complications with blepharoplasty include difficulty closing your eyes when you sleep, or the appearance of a pulled down lower eyelid. Also, use of the CO2 skin laser resurfacing on the lower eyelid skin may have pinkness that fades over a few weeks to months. This is easily covered with cosmetic makeup during this time.

Dr. Kleto has 25 years of experience performing eyelid surgery, and will do everything possible to ensure against these complications. Following all of Dr. Kleto’s postsurgical advice will further reduce your risk for any potential problems.

If you have questions about blepharoplasty that you would like Dr. Kleto to answer, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation today. Dr. Kleto serves men and women in Knoxville, Sevierville, and Knox County, Tennessee.


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