Debunking Two Myths About Plastic Surgery in Knoxville

Perhaps one of the reasons that plastic and cosmetic surgeries akin to those performed by Dr. Dean Kleto in Knoxville make the news so frequently is that many people harbor misconceptions about these procedures.

So we were glad to read an illuminating article in the health and science trade publication Live Science that outlined and corrected some common misconceptions about plastic surgery.

Here are two of the popular plastic surgery myths outlined in the article:

Myth: Liposuction is for weight loss.

Truth: Although this procedure does remove fat from the body, it’s designed to target pockets of fat and best-suited to healthy people who eat well and exercise regularly but still find it difficult to achieve their ideal physique.

Myth: Plastic surgery leaves no scars.

Truth: While the chances are high that patients look and feel great after they’ve healed from plastic surgery, there is still scarring from any surgical procedure. The good news is that Board Certified Plastic Surgeons know how to minimize scarring, and also can advise patients about the best ways to care for (and ultimately mask) their scars after surgery.

Of course, the surest way to determine whether what you think you know about plastic surgery is the truth or a myth is to book a consultation with an experienced, compassionate surgeon like Dr. Kleto.

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