How to Prepare for Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

A middle-aged woman making her bed. If you are considering a breast augmentation procedure, you are probably wondering the best way to prepare for the surgery. Thankfully, there are some things you can do ahead of time to ensure an easier recovery. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your breast augmentation recovery.

Ask Someone to Drive You Home from Your Surgery

Although breast surgery is often performed as an outpatient procedure, it requires anesthesia. As a result, you will be tired and groggy after your surgery, so you won’t be able to drive home. Ask your spouse, a family member, or a friend to take you home after your breast augmentation procedure and monitor you for 24-48 hours.

Setup a Recovery Area in Your Home

During the first week of your recovery, you will need to rest as much as you can. To help facilitate healing, create an area in your home where you can rest comfortably. Make sure that it is close to a bathroom and that everything you may need is within your reach. This includes your medications, water, snacks, pillows, clothes, entertainment, phone, and phone charger.

Prep Your Meals

To help minimize the amount of time you spend doing physical activity during recovery, it’s best to prepare all of your meals for at least the first week ahead of time. Foods high in nutrients are preferable, since they will aid the body in healing. This can include leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins.

Find Some Loose-Fitting Clothing

On the day of your surgery and during your breast augmentation recovery, you will need loose clothing that doesn’t put any stress on your breasts. A zipped hoodie or buttoned blouse are ideal, since you don’t have to raise your arms above your head to put them on and take them off.

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