Poignant Reminder of the Point of Most Plastic Surgery

In a recent essay for the Elle magazine website, Beauty Health and Fitness Contributor Elissa Strauss writes a poignant, candid reminder of the reasons the vast majority of people seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon such as Knoxville’s Dr. Dean Kleto for body contouring and other cosmetic procedures:

Because it makes them happy.

Writing in defense of each person’s right to make her or his own health-related choices, Strauss chastises the many vocal pop-culture critics who take fault with high-profile stars who have undergone dramatic physical changes.

These people have their reasons, Strauss argues, and who are we to judge them?

In the course of also laying out her own reasons for having breast surgery, Strauss writes: “In addition to expanding beauty ideals and tolerance, we also need to fight the pernicious—not to mention very sexist—idea that our inner selves and our outer selves are at odds with one another. The way we talk about women who get plastic surgery is based on the assumption that caring about our looks and caring about our souls is a zero sum game… We are more than capable of searching for internal truths with lipstick on (or) being feminists with face lifts.”

Strauss reminds Elle readers that studies indicate the vast majority of plastic surgery patients make their choice out of a desire for greater happiness and wellness. And more often than not, these people retain realistic expectations about the outcome of such treatments.

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