Tennessee Breast Implant Results: What Implants Feel Like

What your breast implants feel like after your procedure will depend on factors such as the placement and type of breast implant used for your breast augmentation.

Generally speaking, silicone breast implants tend to look and feel more natural, even when placed above the muscles (subglandular placement) in the chest. If you have determined that subglandular breast implant placement is best for you, silicone implants will provide a more natural look and feel. In addition silicone implants are less likely to wrinkle or ripple, allowing them to provide longer lasting results.

Breast Implant Placement

While saline implants may look and feel less natural when placed above the muscles in the chest, submuscular (below the muscle) placement can reduce this problem. When saline implants are placed below your chest muscle they are covered by more of your natural breast tissue, resulting in a completely natural feel.

Tennessee plastic surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto often recommends submuscular placement due to the many benefits it offers. During your initial consultation Dr. Kleto will assess your frame, answer any  breast augmentation questions you may have, and help you determine which implant options will best meet your needs.

If you live in the Knoxville, Sevierville, or Knox County areas of Tennessee and would like to learn more about your breast implant options, please contact Dean Kleto, M.D. today to schedule an initial consultation.


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