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What Type of Tummy Tuck Do I Need?

Wed, 02/20/2019

If you have loose, sagging skin in your abdominal area, a tummy tuck can help you get a tighter, more toned midsection. There are three main approaches to the tummy tuck procedure: full, extended and mini. Learn about these different tummy tuck procedures and which one would be best for your body and treatment goals. 

Tummy Tuck: Discover the Beautiful Results that Await You

Mon, 10/01/2018

If countless hours of crunches haven’t delivered the toned, flat stomach you desire, then a tummy tuck may be a great option for you. During the procedure, Dr. Kleto will tighten loose abdominal muscles and remove excess skin and fat in order to improve the appearance of your abdominal region.

Should I Wait until after Having Children to Get a Tummy Tuck?

Wed, 06/28/2017

Knoxville tummy tuck surgeonA tummy tuck is a great way to put the finishing touches on your fitness regimen in order to achieve the toned, flat stomach you desire. However, there are certain factors that must be considered when determining the right time to undergo the procedure. One of these factors is whether you are planning on having children in the future.

Is a Tummy Tuck the Right Procedure For Me?

Tue, 05/24/2016

If you have excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, or you have sagging skin or loose abdominal muscles due to pregnancy, the natural aging process or weight loss surgery, a tummy tuck might be right for you.

How Soon Can I Wear a Bikini After Abdominoplasty?

Mon, 02/01/2016

Women who undergo a Tummy Tuck with Board-Certified Knoxville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto often want to flaunt their new curves as soon as possible.Women who undergo a Tummy Tuck with Board-Certified Knoxville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto often want to flaunt their new curves as soon as possible.


Traditional Abdominoplasty Versus a Mini-Tummy Tuck

Wed, 12/03/2014

For patients who are at or near their ideal weight but have yet to achieve a flat stomach, few procedures are more effective than a tummy tuck performed by Board Certified Knoxville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto.

Abdominoplasty also can be effective at restoring elasticity to weakened stomach muscles in order to achieve a firm, smooth midsection. The procedure is effective for both women and men.

Types of Tummy Tucks

Wed, 08/13/2014

Tummy Tuck - Knoxville Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Dean KletoAfter trying to lose stubborn belly fat through diet and exercise, you may find that you just can't shed all of that fat. If this is the case, it may be time to contact to our Knoxville plastic surgeon, Dr. Dean Kleto for a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

Types of Abdominoplasty

Sun, 05/25/2014

If you're one of the millions of Americans that is fighting the battle of the bulge, you may be interested in abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty is also known as a tummy tuck and can help you rid yourself of excess skin, stretch marks, and unwanted fat.

Dr. Dean Kleto has over 25 years experience with abdominoplasty and can help answer your abdominoplasty questions if you're in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy

Wed, 04/23/2014

Pregnancy can take quite a toll on your body. Although some women are able to regain their pre-pregnancy appearance through diet and exercise, many others are left with stretched, sagging skin and fat deposits that seem to resist all of their efforts to get rid of them. As an added frustration, pregnancy tends to stretch out your abdominal muscles, contributing to the “loose,” drooping appearance of skin in the stomach area.

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