5 Habits that Cause Wrinkles

Wrinkle-Causing Habits | Knoxville BOTOX | Knox County, TNAlong with many in the nation who suffer from unwanted wrinkles, people in Knoxville seek BOTOX ® Cosmetic treatment to combat their naturally-forming signs of aging. Board Certified Knoxville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto recommends Botox ® for treating dynamic wrinkles caused by years of smiling, frowning and squinting.

Not all skin lines are caused by dynamic movement. Some wrinkles result from years of lifestyle choices that ultimately affect the skin’s appearance. These imperfections, also known as static wrinkles, are often treated with dermal fillers, and are caused by habits such as:

  • Wrinkle-Causing Habit No. 1 – Smoking: Tobacco use accelerates your skin’s aging process, causing loose, saggy skin and more-pronounced crevices.
  • Wrinkle-Causing Habit No. 2 – Drinking: Alcohol dehydrates the skin, causing it to lose elasticity and form wrinkles due to dehydration over time. Alcohol also hampers your collagen production by negatively impacting vitamin A levels.
  • Wrinkle-Causing Habit No. 3 – Indulging in Sweets: Sugar molecules attach to proteins in your skin, causing them to grow stiff and malformed. This results in puffiness, fine lines and a loss of facial elasticity.
  • Wrinkle-Causing Habit No. 4 – Forgetting Sunscreen: Ultraviolet (UV) light breaks down your skin’s collagen and elastin fibers, causing your skin to sag and wrinkle prematurely.
  • Wrinkle-Causing Habit No. 5 – Sleeping in Makeup: When you skip evening facial cleaning, the makeup and environmental pollutants you’ve accumulated throughout the day seep into your pores and leave you with fine lines and wrinkles over time.

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