Breast Implants for Petite Women: What’s Best?

While petite women can certainly be good candidates for breast augmentation, it’s important they carefully consider their breast implant options. A smaller frame means that your implant size, profile and shape can all affect your ability to achieve natural, proportionate results.

Regardless of their stature, all of Dr. Kleto’s patients have slightly different body compositions. That’s why he works with each patient to choose the implant options that work best for them. To schedule a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Kleto, call 877-907-0747.

Infographic With Quote About Breast Implants for Petite Women

Sizing Your Breast Implants

Many women pursue breast augmentation to make their breasts appear larger and fuller, but a bigger bust isn’t always better. This is especially true for petite women who could feel uncomfortable with breast implants that are too large for their body.

Breast augmentation is ultimately about enhancing your curves and natural form. The same implant size won’t look the same on every patient. To balance your desired cup size with other aesthetic components, Dr. Kleto will consider:

  • Your body type
  • Your weight, height and chest dimensions
  • Your skin elasticity
  • How much natural breast tissue you have
  • Your lifestyle and activity levels

With all of this information, you and Dr. Kleto will work to create the best implant size for your body and surgical goals.

Your Implant Profile

Implant size is not the only factor that will affect your final results. You should also determine what implant profile you would like. The profile refers to how far your breasts will project out from your chest.

There are three profile options:

Infographic About High Profile Breast Implants

  • Low profile: These sit low on the chest and have a flatter appearance than other implants. They work well for women with wide chests.
  • Moderate profile: These provide more projection than low-profile implants and tend to yield the most natural-looking results. They work well for women with small or narrow chests.
  • High profile: These provide the highest level of projection, which may look unnatural on certain patients. They work well for petite women with a narrow chest wall.

Dr. Kleto will measure the width of your chest and take into account your implant size to help you determine the right profile.

Your Implant Shape

You will also need to pick an implant shape that pairs well with your chosen implant size and profile.

  • Round breast implants make the top of your breasts look fuller, meaning more cleavage and a voluptuous, lifted appearance. They’re a good option for patients hoping to correct breast sagging or drooping.
  • Teardrop implants provide a more natural, subtle look. While you can still achieve the appearance of a fuller chest with teardrop implants, the fullness is concentrated at the bottom rather than the top of your breasts.

When deciding between these two options, ask yourself whether natural results or a more noticeable bust is your main goal.

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

During your breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Kleto will help you understand how each implant option will affect your new look. He will guide you through the process of selecting the size, profile and shape that’s best for your physical makeup as well as your cosmetic goals.

Using advanced 3D imaging, Dr. Kleto will capture an image of your body that lets you see how your breast implants will look against your figure. With this technology, you can view up to six implant options side by side and make an educated choice about what’s right for you.

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