4 Reasons to Get a Breast Reduction

Woman after breast reduction Overly large breasts can be physically painful, inconvenient, and embarrassing. Many women who would like smaller breasts opt for breast reduction surgery to vastly improve their quality of life, and the procedure is exploding in popularity. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimates the number of procedures has increased by 157 percent since 1997.

Dr. Dean Kleto has the attention to detail, artistic eye, and refined surgical skills to help make your breast reduction dreams into reality. His empathetic and compassionate manner will make your treatment as comfortable as possible. He understands the numerous reasons people opt for breast reduction and wants to help you achieve the results you deserve.

You Deal With Physical Pain Because of Your Large Breasts

Large breasts can cause physical discomfort in many ways:

·         Back pain

·         Shoulder pain

·         Neck pain

·         Bra straps digging into your skin

·         Interference with your ability to exercise

·         Rash or skin irritation under the breasts

Your Large Breasts are Impacting Your Self-Esteem

It’s not uncommon for women to feel self-conscious about their breasts. Bigger breasts can magnify this insecurity. Your breasts may draw unwanted attention or attract inappropriate comments.

Large breasts may also make it difficult to fit into some clothing, bras, and swimsuits. A breast reduction could help you wear form-fitting clothes more comfortably and increase your confidence when wearing lingerie and bikinis.

Additionally, you could combine your breast reduction with a breast lift to further improve the appearance of your breasts. A breast lift could lessen any drooping or sagging, reposition your areolas, and give your breasts a perkier shape.

You’ve Just Finished Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and motherhood can be the most rewarding experiences of your life, but they can also cause changes to your body that diet and exercise may not be able to correct. Your breasts may become enlarged, heavier, and less firm.

As your breasts increase in size during pregnancy, the ligaments supporting them may stretch. If this happens, it can be hard for your breasts to regain their pre-pregnancy shape and size. A breast reduction combined with a lift could do wonders for restoring your previous appearance.

You Have Realistic Expectations for the Outcome of the Procedure

It’s important to go into your breast reduction with an open mind. You may have a specific picture of how you think your breasts should look. While Dr. Kleto will do his best to achieve the outcome you desire, sometimes factors such as your age, weight, and body type determine the level of reduction you’re able to have.

It’s also vital to remember that plastic surgeons measure breast size using cubic centimeters, not cup size. For this reason, Dr. Kleto won’t be able to change your breasts to a specific bra size. Instead, during your consultation, he will talk to you about your aesthetic goals and do his best to fulfill those.

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