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Common Questions About Dermal Fillers

Wed, 04/29/2020

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Dermal fillers replace lost volume in your skin, which occurs naturally as you age. Collagen also breaks down, and certain types of dermal fillers do a great job replacing this important building block of youthful, smooth skin. Below, we answer some of the most common questions received by experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto.

Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation Options for the Holidays

Tue, 12/11/2018

The holiday season is here, and the next few weeks will be filled with parties, family gatherings, and New Years celebrations. Fortunately, it’s not too late to look your best for these events. Dr. Kleto offers a variety of minimally invasive, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation solutions to reverse the signs of aging. These treatments can take years off of your appearance, and results will be visible shortly after you receive the treatment.

5 Popular Uses of Dermal Fillers

Tue, 07/24/2018

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatments available. In recent years, many of these fillers have become increasingly effective, providing results that look more natural and last much longer. While dermal fillers cannot achieve the truly customized and dramatic results associated with a facelift, they provide an excellent alternative for people experiencing the early signs of facial aging or who prefer a nonsurgical facial rejuvenation solution.

What are Your Skincare Options?

Tue, 02/28/2017

Knoxville skincareIf you are starting to notice signs of aging such as fine lines or wrinkles, or are self-conscious about the appearance of your facial skin, it may be time to consider various cosmetic skincare options. Opting for the right skincare treatment can help you get optimal results. But what, exactly, are your skincare options?

How to Get Your Skin Ready for Valentine's Day

Mon, 02/13/2017

Knoxville skincareValentine's Day is just around the corner. It's important to look and feel your best, especially if you are spending the holiday with a date. First impressions are very important. Fortunately, there are cosmetic skincare treatments and procedures that can help you obtain beautiful glowing skin just in time for your big night.

Spring Break Skincare Survival Guide

Tue, 02/07/2017

Knoxville skincareThe end-of-year holidays have ended. Fortunately, Spring Break is just around the corner. For many, this can provide an opportunity to get away from the rigorous responsibilities associated with work or school for some much needed rest and relaxation. However, just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you should let your skincare routine fall to the wayside.

SLIDESHARE: Tips for Proper Skin Care

Wed, 09/14/2016

Healthy skin is one of the keys to keeping your youthful appearance. Check out our new presentation recently uploaded to Slideshare to learn more about skin care tips, and how cosmetic solutions can help maintain your look.

QUIZ: How is Your Skin Care Routine?

Wed, 08/17/2016

Managing your skin can be a challenge, even more so if you have a preexisting condition. Fortunately, Dr. Dean Kleto and his clinically trained staff can help provide additional cosmetic procedures that can enhance your current skin care routine.

Resolving to be Your Best Self in the New Year

Wed, 01/06/2016

Most of us devote a great deal of time, energy and money to caring for and catering to other people during the winter holidays.

That’s one of many reasons that the coming of a new year is a great time to refocus on your own health and wellness goals, and figure out how plastic surgery or a non-surgical cosmetic procedure at Dr. Kleto’s Knoxville practice can help you look and feel better than ever before.

Three Tips to Brighten Your Eyes

Thu, 12/10/2015

When home skin care remedies fail to achieve the youthful look you desire, consider a visit to Board Certified Knoxville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto.Few traits have the power to distract from good looks like tired, puffy eyes — an issue that you can address with skin care or plastic surgery treatments from Board Certified Knoxville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto.

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