Three Reasons You’ve Got Crow’s Feet

There are many reasons that patients schedule BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments from the offices of Board Certified Knoxville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto, but addressing crow’s feet may be one of the most common. Crow's Feet are one of the most common reasons that patients schedule BOTOX Cosmetic treatments with Board Certified Knoxville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto

What are crow’s feet? Sometimes called “laugh lines,” these are tiny wrinkles that appear around the parameter of the eyes, most especially as we get older. Crow’s feet tend to be very fine wrinkles, which is one reason they are so effectively addressed with BOTOX® treatments.

Most patients find that after just one BOTOX® treatment, crow’s feet are smoother and less apparent.

If you’d like to take additional steps to prevent future crow’s feet, here are three ways that people tend to get them:

  • Crow’s Feet Cause No. 1: Sun exposure is a leading cause of wrinkles. Undercut this phenomenon by diligently using a high SPF sunscreen on the oft-missed face and hands. Consider this: Some states mandate by law that summer camp counselors lather up children frolicking in the sun at least every two hours.
  • Crow’s Feet Cause No. 2: Smoking. Studies show that the more you smoke, the more wrinkles you’ll develop.
  • Crow’s Feet Cause No. 3: Sleep pressure. Although sleep should be restorative, if you rest in a way that puts pressure on your face, you’re helping wrinkles develop.

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