Tips to Speed Up Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty can alter the shape and symmetry of your nose to help you achieve the balanced, elegant facial appearance you desire. With more than 25 years of experience, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dean Kleto possesses the surgical precision and artistic eye to provide exceptional rhinoplasty results.

Prior to your rhinoplasty, Dr. Kleto will provide you with detailed instructions for how to maximize your recovery and ensure optimal results. He will answer your question, address your concerns, and schedule regular follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process.

Steps You Can Take To Speed Up Your Rhinoplasty Recovery

Image of plastic surgeon tending to a woman's rhinoplasty recovery To help your rhinoplasty recovery go more smoothly, consider the following tips:

  • Follow your plastic surgeons instructions: The most important step you can take to ensure a smooth recovery is to follow Dr. Kleto’s pre and postoperative instructions.
  • Be aware of your body’s reaction: If something doesn’t feel right, discuss your concern with Dr. Kleto right away.
  • Keep your head elevated: Sleeping on your side can cause additional swelling and bruising, which can prolong your recovery time.
  • Use a cold compress: Reduce swelling in the first 72 hours after rhinoplasty by using a cold compress.
  • Get lots of rest: Getting at least seven or eight hours of sleep each night will help your body restore energy and heal itself.
  • Eat a heathy diet: Give your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself by eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes plenty of vegetables, vitamins, and protein, like fish, yogurt, eggs, meat, and nuts.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise: Even seemingly harmless movements, such as lifting, stretching, or bending over can increase nasal swelling.
  • Keep cool: Heat causes the tissue in your nose to swell, so take lukewarm showers, stay out of the heat, and eat a diet of cool and room-temperature foods.
  • Stay out of the sun: Too much sun increases your risk of sunburn, and excess sun exposure can even cause your scarring to swell and darken.
  • Don’t smoke: Smoking limits blood flow and inhibits healing.
  • Don’t blow your nose: Although you will experience congestion, resist the urge to blow your nose for at least six weeks after your rhinoplasty. Instead, consider using saline nasal spray to moisturize your nasal passages.
  • Don’t wear glasses: Prescription glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses can all put pressure on your nose and lead to additional swelling, bruising, and even indentations.
  • Be patient: Beautiful rhinoplasty results require the skill and experience of a board-certified plastic surgeon and time to properly recover.

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